Truly Smart Appliances: 3 Reasons To Buy a Wire-Free Wi-Fi Battery Security Camera

With the improvement of people’s living standards, households pay more and more attention to home security. Because of the faster and faster pace of life, people cannot always stay with their parents or children. Therefore, a suitable smart security camera for monitoring the house, keeping an eye on pets or babies anytime and anywhere is needed.

In this article, I would show you the advantages of the wire-free Wi-Fi battery security camera that is the ideal one to keep your home safe.

First, a wire-free and battery-powered security camera can enable users to effortlessly and smoothly place it anywhere without any hassles of dealing with cables. The working time of cameras depends on battery power and triggering times. For the Laxihub 100% Wire-free Battery Cam, it is operated by 2 pcs powerful rechargeable batteries (6700 mAh total) which can work for 2-5 months based on 10-20 times triggering per day.

Second, with the design of waterproof, wireless security cameras can last for years even in harsh weather conditions. Laxihub 100% Wire-free Battery Cam boasts a durable and long-lasting IP65 waterproof design for years of reliable outdoor use. With the magnetic wall mount and metal stand, it is amazingly easy to install and configure.

Third, an excellent wire-free security camera can capture every motion even in the dark. With the built-in infrared sensor, the Laxihub Wire-free Battery Camera records recordings and streaming in crystal clear 1080p full HD day and night.

We love the convenience and flexibility of wireless home security cameras. One of our favourites, the Laxihub O1 100% Wire-free Battery Cam is equipped with features such as 1080p full HD, Infrared Sensor, Geo-fencing, Scheduling Power-Off and AI-Powered Human Motion & Sound Detection. Overall, it's a great option for anyone shopping for home security cameras.